4PR Group believes that the formula of being a part of any society is clear; good vibes and giving back. That’s why our social responsibility programs aim to give back by spreading good attitudes and the right vibes.

Egyptian Food Bank
“A national movement supporting daily wages”

In times of crisis, 4PR Group rises to the occasion with steady, creative, and swift actions.
Egypt is facing an outbreak of coronavirus, and the Government has announced the necessity for people to stay at home to stay safe. This decree is almost impossible for the self-employed and casual workers to abide by. 4PR Group supported the Egyptian Food Bank’s efforts to allow six million families to stay home and stay safe by launching a campaign for donations. A digital campaign challenge was initiated among corporates & groups and the general public.
Target achieved in one week!

Ahl Masr
“Donate to Color a Life”

4PR Group cooperated with Ahl Masr Foundation in launching the “Donate to Color a Life” campaign during the holy month of Ramadan. The aim is to support the project of Ahl Masr hospital – the first in the Middle East that treats all types of burns for free. The concept was to use the marvelous effect of colors through events and activities, outdoor ads, and social media activities to encourage others to join the cause and donate.

Health and Hope Oasis

4PR Group proudly supports Health and Hope Oasis (HHO) through a creative PR campaign to introduce the organization as the first nutritional and recreational center in Egypt for children with cancer. HHO provides a place for children with cancer to convalesce in a healthy environment, and assist in raising awareness of parents about completing medical courses, safe hygienic practices to control any secondary infections, and providing appropriate nutrition.

NADA Foundation
for Safer Egyptian Roads

With a strong partnership, 4PR Group has been the PR arm for The NADA Foundation Safe Egyptian Roads since its launch in February 2013, and has created numerous campaigns, several events, and generated ample coverage in all mass media. 4PR Groups is also the creative consultant for the foundation for all branding materials. The foundation was launched in loving memory of Nada and every other precious life lost in tragic road accidents, and it aims to address the growing problem of traffic injuries and fatalities.

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